As the demand for accessing web content in-store increases, bandwidth has become a frequent and costly concern. Today’s connected store can strain networks through support of digital merchandising, assisted selling tools such as tablets and kiosks, enterprise employee training videos, as well as consumer demand through free guest to Wi-Fi. The advantages of providing in-store access to online marketing, product videos and mobile catalogs is lost if the customers' or associates' browsing experience is slow or unreliable.

That’s where SuperLumin’s Retail Cache and NitroCast software comes in. Together, they store and filter preprogrammed, frequently used content to the cache, thereby alleviating network consumption and minimizing application response time. The result — a memorable browsing experience that will keep consumers coming back.

Key Benefits for Retail

Create a media-rich in-store experience

Minimize content download time

Maximize application response

Makes the most of Free to Guest Wi-Fi

Save money versus continually purchasing bandwidth

Luxottica Case Study

Download the Luxottica Case Study