Enterprises are increasingly leveraging the cloud for delivery of web-based SaaS applications or distribution of software downloads and updates. Cloud-based platforms deliver greater collaboration, accessibility, automatic backups and access to the latest updates and patches on an ongoing basis. However, wide-spread adoption of Office 365 across enterprises has introduced a new set of challenges for IT. Increased network demands lead to latency and network congestion. Application speed and load times matter when it comes to engagement — content with longer load time has higher bounce rates and leads to user dissatisfaction. SuperLumin content acceleration and caching solutions provide a complete end-to-end ECDN solution that can securely accelerate all Office 365 domains, alleviating network congestion and improving the user experience.

Keep employees connected and engaged is a priority for today’s enterprises. Companies are increasingly using technologies like live streaming to enhance corporate events, company meetings and employee training. However, there are network challenges that need to be considered for these streaming experiences to be successful — users can experience latency and poor video quality due to limitations on incoming bandwidth and high volume of users viewing the stream concurrently in the same location. SuperLumin’s enterprise content acceleration and caching solutions can optimize live streaming and eliminate congestion challenges. SuperLumin retrieves live streaming content and multiplexes it to thousands of end users. This results in reduced bandwidth costs and efficient network load distribution.

Optimizing Live Streaming

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Accelerating Office 365 Delivery

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